Gangsters, Warriors and Card Games Reach This Week’s List of Top Emerging Games on Facebook

This Friday’s AppData list of top emerging Facebook games doesn’t have any new “graduates” to report — none of the games from last week’s list have yet passed a million users, the point at which we kick them off (and call them successful). However, there’s a solid set of growers that have returned, along with a couple potential new breakouts in Gangster City and Little Warrior.

To help spot the steady growers, about half of the games, we’ve colored them a brighter green:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Gangster City459,799+454,127+98.77
2. Little Warrior687,761+291,986+42.45
3. 開心寶貝991,633+282,715+28.51
4. Band of Heroes872,653+130,145+14.91
5. Rummy Royal199,376+96,652+48.48
6. Frosmo350,365+90,242+25.76
7. MiniPlanet336,934+84,211+24.99
8. Sanalika287,842+73,274+25.46
9. IQ Test463,531+72,488+15.64
10. Spot The Difference486,413+63,810+13.12
11. Ninja Warz802,095+61,225+7.63
12. Temple of Mahjong 2433,727+59,389+13.69
13. Poll955,345+53,956+5.65
14. Little Rock Pool451,568+53,412+11.83
15. The True Age Test562,703+49,772+8.85
16. Flowers for Friends402,451+49,402+12.28
17. Dress Me Up400,511+47,805+11.94
18. Xx..Me 2 u bears..xX281,162+46,835+16.66
19. COLLAPSE!877,523+41,786+4.76
20. Bingo World314,374+41,169+13.10

Is Gangster City, by Playfish, just another Mafia Wars clone? Not exactly: there are cut-scenes, music, a detailed story and other new aspects. We noted the game’s high level of polish when it launched, and it seems that players are responding well so far.

Next up is Little Warrior, a sort of rudimentary fighting game a bit like My Brute or the newly-released Killer Toon. The game has languished for some time, but got quite the bump in users over the past week, as you can see below.

開心寶貝 and Band of Heroes, the number three and four games, are both about ready to grow out of this list. There’s one big difference between them, though — the users of the former game are highly engaged, with about 39 percent of users returning, while Band of Heroes has low user engagement, suggesting that it may not be a lasting success.

Finishing off the top five, Rummy Royal is just what it sounds like: a way to play the Rummy card game on Facebook. Users seem to enjoy traditional games lately; there are two more just on this list, Temple of Mahjong 2 and Bingo World.