GameSlam App is the Perfect Baseball Companion

There is nothing as simultaneously enjoyable and boring as sitting at a baseball park on a Sunday afternoon watching one game of 162 on the season. There is something nostalgic about being at the field in the middle of the day even if you have never done it before in your life. At times exciting, and at times interminable, the baseball game is a sporting experience unlike any other in culture.

Well, technology continues to encroach in on the game that prides itself in it’s consistency over the years, even if it really has changed quite a bit. This scientific advance, however, comes not on the field, but in the stands. A new app called Gameslam appeals directly to the general of the short attention span, for those who lack the capacity to accept and embrace the ennui and comfort of a major league baseball game.

The app, developed by Game Time Live allows fans watching the game to interact with others who are watching the event unfold in the real time. GameSlam lets you play with others around and make the game just a bit more exciting than it may or may not be.

In essence, anyone watching the game anywhere can try and predict when and where things will happen in the game. You can bet (points) on possible home runs in the game, or whether or not the next pitch will be a strike. You amass points and win them, but it is yet to be determined just what you can do with these points other than use them to keep playing (the points could easily be used to keep track of any side monetary bets, and is really likely the only reason for having them.

The game works for Windows and Mac, and is free on Facebook as well. GameSlam has plans shortly for the Android and iPhone, which will certainly increase enjoyment and popularity.

Betting on baseball is nothing new. Before Facebook and the smartphone distracted everyone, people would sit in the stands and pick their favourite players to pick against the top players of a friend. A small, in game fantasy game took minutes to set up, and keep the experience interesting even when the game was not.

That is why GameSlam is both perfect and tragic. Baseball, summer baseball in particular, is as much an social outing as it is a sports event. In hockey you cannot take your eye of the puck due to the speed of the game, and in football you physically cannot move away due to the tension of the event.

Baseball, however, is punctuated and at times ever lasting. Game Time Live is going to try to make similar applications for basketball, hockey, and football, but none will come close to the appeal of baseball. ESPN recently voted GameSlam the best new sports app, and with good reason. It fills the gap in baseball, while still allowing you to watch the game and keep things interesting, which helps especially if you are watching the National League.