GameSamba Announces Star Trek: Alien Domain for Browser

alien domain 650GameSamba, in partnership with CBS Interactive and NGames, has announced the upcoming release of Star Trek: Alien Domain, an officially licensed multiplayer online strategy game in the Star Trek universe. Available via web browser, the game is set in the realm of Fluidic Space and will challenge players to balance the use of their resources, establish new colonies and research defenses for their base. Players will also have access to competitive multiplayer encounters, and will play the game as a member of either the Federation or the Klingon Empire.

Star Trek: Alien Domain will take place after the most recent Star Trek canon chronologically, and will offer an entirely new story to franchise fans. Throughout the game, players will be introduced to both new and old Star Trek species.

Depending on their chosen faction, players will be able to take control of Constitution-class and Defiant-class starships for the Federation, or D7 Battle Cruisers and Bird-of-Prey units for the Klingons. As players progress, they’ll have access to new, “super starships” created with in-game technology. The more starships users have in their fleet, the better they’ll be able to defend against enemy colonies and real-world players.Alien-Domain-650 2The base gameplay of Star Trek: Alien Domain looks to resemble that of other base-building combat games on browser and mobile devices, including Star Wars: Commander and Tribal Wars 2, among many other examples. Players will build research labs, shelters, control centers, factories and more, and will need to construct storage facilities to house their collected resources. Players will build both a metal factory and a metal storage building, for instance.

For multiplayer gameplay, users can compete in one-on-one skirmishes or raid other player-controlled bases, or jump into larger guild-vs-guild battles. A mission system will also be available, giving players a stream of tasks to complete as they play.

“We’re excited to make a game based on a franchise we’re all such huge fans of,” said Scott Wong, president of GameSamba, in a company release. “The chance to add our own story to the Star Trek universe, and help bring it to a global audience, is one of those opportunities you can only dream of.”

As of this writing, no official release date has been announced for the game. Check back soon for more.