"Games for Good" Incentivizes Creation of Apps For Good Causes

PapayaMobile has recently partnered with global non-profit One Economy to empower mobile apps that serve a public purpose.

PapayaMobile has recently partnered with global non-profit One Economy to empower mobile apps that serve a public purpose. More after the jump.
One Economy Corp. has created an Applications for Good service abbreviated A4G that’s dedicated to providing broadband technology around the world. As part of their endeavors, A4G is interacting with companies and philanthropic organizations that want to partake in creation of publicly useful apps.
PapayaMobile will help by providing their platform to developers to use for adding social gaming capabilities and monetization solutions. In addition the PapayaMobile team will provide guidance to developers and also help promote them through a new section called ‘Games for Good’ to drive discovery.

“At Papaya, we constantly see the benefits of game mechanics and monetization in the mobile virtual world,” said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile. “Papaya is committed to bringing the benefits of the virtual world to the real world for people who need our assistance.”

You don’t often hear about partnerships like this – so its great to see companies like PapayaMobile taking such initiatives. It remains to be seen exactly what kind of applications can be created as a result of this collaboration but I can assume that they will involve connecting with others, social collaboration, location based elements and some AR elements.

“We believe that when developers realize they can make a difference, they are very likely to produce games that go beyond entertainment,” said Arthur Grau, Community Manager of A4G. “Applications for Good is providing a venue for game companies to leverage and showcase products that have social impact. We look forward to new apps that are fun while promoting better health, learning and prosperity.”

Currently in A4G’s catalog is Diabetic Meal Planner Lite, Diabetes Log, Glucose Buddy, Lose It!, Heart Check, Khan Academy, Motion Math and more. These apps seem to focus on personal development and health related topics. These apps are also mostly for iOS however Papaya will be only powering the Android based apps as PapayaMobile’s network only works on Android. PapayaMobile has a Social SDK, Offer SDK and a game engine developers can use to quickly create games. It’d be interesting to see what comes out of this initiative. Companies have also been launching developer funds although apps for good won’t require substantial teams to develop these – indie devs could crank them out themselves and then get support through the site and company. It’s great to see an initiative to improve lives that’s different than sales of branded virtual goods for charitable causes typically carried out by large game developers.
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