Azam Khan

Tapjoy and PapayaMobile Team To Deliver Social Game Discovery on Android

Tapjoy and PapayaMobile today announced that they are partnering to launch Social Marketplace that provides users with recommendations on which apps to download. Both companies have released a flurry of announcements recently and this particular news could be great for developers and users alike. More after the jump.

Q&A with Q-Games on PixelJunk Monsters Online for Facebook

As console developers continue to expand to social and mobile platforms, I had a chance to get with Bear Trickey, Jesse Venbrux and Zach Aikman of Q-Games who recently launched PixelJunk Monsters Online on Facebook in an interview where they shared their approach to developing for Facebook. More after the jump.

6 Key Attributes To Demand From Your Sobile Analytics Provider

Analytics are a means to an end – not an end themselves. Mobile app publishers need to be able to answer the “how, why and what” questions from the data they collect. Ask yourself: How is my app doing? Why is it performing well or poorly in certain areas? And, what can my business do to fix any issues and build on our strengths to improve the user experience? Analytics can and should be employed to address these questions and to optimize user engagement and monetize mobile apps. More after the jump.

Google Launches Business Pages

The search giant announced the launch of Google+ Pages today that will let businesses connect with fans in a manner similar to Facebook Pages. These businesses will receive corporate accounts to start sharing information about themselves and invite others to join in on the conversation. More after the jump.

Cross-Platform Flexibility Gives PlayPhone’s PXP an Edge

Revenues from virtual goods sales in social games is growing exponentially each year and has the potential to reach $4 billion globally by 2016. Nonetheless, successfully monetizing social games is nowalk in the park, especially for those developers who may not have all the necessary resources. Luckily for them, the PlayPhone social gaming network just released PlayPhone PXP, a complete tool set ofadvanced virtual goods management tools supporting Android, iOS, and HTML5. More after the jump.

Game Personalization Platform Lets Developers A/B Test Virtual Items

Personalization in games is less talked about compared to various other topics such as distribution and monetization. That's because it is difficult to discuss as actionable insights get lost among the heaps of data developers collect. Making breakthroughs in this space is a company called Swrve that I had a pleasure to sit down with and discuss their emerging platform. More after the jump.

GREE, DeNA and the Mobile Social Gaming Wild West

Mobile social gaming network GREE has recently announced its plan to launch a cohesive mobile gaming platform by mid 2012. In addition, the Japanese giant is also projecting net sales of around $1.7B, a 40 percent jump from the firm's previous projections. This news comes at a time when DeNA is aggressively laying out its plans for Mobage Global after achieving a net income of around $105M for the quarter. More after the jump.

Smule Raises $12M Round As It Continues Hiring Spree

According to a recent SEC filing, music app developer Smule has raised $12M in another round of funding after having previously raised $13.5. Best known for its popular mobile apps such as the I am T-Pain autotune app and Ocarina, Smule will aggressively pursue the mobile social music market by continuing to innovate on its existing free-to-play apps. More after the jump.

Social Media Adoption and Fortune 500 Companies — Have They Reached their Peak?

Fortune Magazine annually tracks America's largest corporations due to their influence in the business world. For this study, Academics from Center For Marketing Research Dartmouth examined the social media activity, specifically blogging, of various organizations, concluding that the biggest companies have slowed down their social media efforts and appear to be hitting a plateau. More after the jump.

AdKnowledge Acquires Facebook Advertising Solution Provider AdParlor

Facebook ad solutions provider AdParlor, which has been around the block for quite some years now, has recently been purchased by Adknowledge,a move that will help this large privately held ad network move into the social ad management space. More after the jump.