Games and Mobile Lead This Week’s Top Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

With the exception of Static FBML, the roster of this week’s AppData list is held entirely by two categories of Facebook apps: games and mobile. It’s Wednesday, so the gains we’re talking about are of daily active users (DAU), a smaller but more important group than monthly actives.

The games can be further split up among three big companies. Playdom is responsible for Social City, the leading gainer. Zynga is behind FarmVille, Café World, Texas HoldEm Poker and Mafia Wars. Finally, MindJolt owns MindJolt Games, which is itself a catalogue of many more games. We’ll discuss all of these over at Inside Social Games.

Here are all 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Social City 2,475,502 +1,732,288 +69.98
2. icon Static FBML 5,206,076 +1,517,076 +29.14
3. icon FarmVille 30,973,370 +1,060,995 +3.43
4. icon Mobile 7,312,195 +506,095 +6.92
5. icon Facebook for iPhone 14,772,721 +395,368 +2.68
6. icon Café World 8,896,906 +366,051 +4.11
7. icon Texas HoldEm Poker 6,400,433 +265,417 +4.15
8. icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 8,965,178 +208,314 +2.32
9. icon Mafia Wars 6,552,404 +201,596 +3.08
10. icon MindJolt Games 3,402,038 +201,295 +5.92
11. icon Benzerini Bul 236,394 +200,049 +84.63
12. icon Tiki Resort 590,285 +192,160 +32.55
13. icon Causes 1,276,849 +169,451 +13.27
14. icon Pet Society 4,456,973 +152,818 +3.43
15. icon Bubble Island 580,362 +150,714 +25.97
16. icon Marketplace 594,670 +149,804 +25.19
17. icon Social Interview 1,006,483 +144,843 +14.39
18. icon Your Luck [daily] 267,346 +123,701 +46.27
19. icon Status Shuffle 575,469 +94,345 +16.39
20. icon Bejeweled Blitz 2,798,882 +87,439 +3.12

You can see the three mobile apps above. But only one of the three also appeared last week: Mobile, Facebook’s in-house catch-all for people who can’t use devices built specifically for devices like the iPhone or BlackBerry. The long-term trend with Mobile is pretty interesting. Over the past month, its DAU has grown significantly more than MAU.

In other words, a higher percentage of Mobile’s users are coming back on a daily basis — 39 percent, to be exact. The iPhone and BlackBerry mobile apps have long had high DAU as a percentage of MAU, 50 and 60 percent respectively. Only Mobile is growing.

What does that mean? Well, the people who have Mobile installed obviously aren’t upgrading their phones en masse, or we’d see a rise in both MAU and DAU. The only remaining explanation is that people are going mobile with Facebook more and more often, even with older or non-premium phones, despite the inconvenience of clunky mobile operating systems. Facebook addiction, you might say, is on the rise.

Skipping the games, there aren’t many more apps of interest to cover today. Causes and Marketplace, though, are worth a look, at 13 and 16 respectively. These are long-time standbys on Facebook that have struggled to pick up more DAU. But Causes appears to be gaining, if slowly, while Marketplace appears to have succeeded in retaining some of the users who came for its recent sweepstakes.