GamePoint’s Social Casino Games Surpass 10 Million Players

GamePoint PokerMultiplayer social game developer GamePoint has reached a new milestone for its player base, surpassing 10 million players across its suite of social titles on Facebook and the company’s own website. GamePoint’s catalog of casino games includes GamePoint Bingo and Royaldice, as well as GamePoint Poker.

“We feel that the fact that we give players a place to connect to others on a human level makes us stand out from the crowd. We’re about more than just playing a game: We’re about building relationships,” said Amon Endt, CEO of GamePoint, in a statement.

For around the last year, GamePoint has set out to improve its social casino titles, with a specific focus on engagement, improved usability and game design (like the addition of a full screen mode to GamePoint Bingo). The company’s data seems to indicate its hard work has paid off, as each active user spends an average time of 92 minutes per day playing its games.

This high engagement number has also resulted in better financials for the company, which has allowed GamePoint to recruit new talent for future game development.

“We had two missions going into this latest series of changes,” added Bob Christof, director of game development. “We wanted to increase time spent and we wanted to further leverage our relationship with Facebook by improving on our integration with their platform. The latest registration bump is definitely due to that focus on using the organic discovery channels the Facebook platform offers.”

In addition to its successes on Facebook and its own website, GamePoint is also embracing mobile platforms, with GamePoint Bingo (for instance) already available on iPad, and set to launch on iPhone later this year. Another title, GamePoint Poker, is currently in development for iPad.