Gamegos releases fashion-themed Fashland on Facebook

Image via Gamegos

Social game developer Gamegos has announced the official launch of Fashland on Facebook, joining the company’s other ‘Land’ games, including Cafeland and Marketland (our review). Fashland gives players a chance to take over their own Fashion House, enter beauty contests and more while interacting with friends.

The main gameplay of Fashland sees players running their own fashion boutique, selling over 1,000 items from 20 different fashion styles, which can also be mixed and matched as clothing and accessories on the player avatar. Items take time to deliver, but can be sped up using premium currency (and eventually real money).

Players complete quests by selling clothing and accessory items in their store, and can use their profits to add more display racks, expand the overall size of the store and more.

Outside of running the boutique, players can enter the fashion career, completing events like photo shoots and billboard campaigns. These reward players with heartbeats and XP, with heartbeats being used in the final main gameplay element: voting.

Image via Gamegos

As players take pictures of their in-game avatars, they can also vote on others’ looks. Two players are shown side-by-side, and players are challenged with determining which one was the most popular with the rest of the game’s community. Correct guesses see players earning keys, which are in turn used to unlock more clothing items back in the store. It’s a cycle of fashion that should incentivize users to participate in each of the three main forms of gameplay to make real progress.

Fashland is now available to play for free on Facebook. You can follow the game’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.