Game of Phones: A Card Game That Actually Uses Your Smartphone

Game of Phones is a game that can be a fun way to get your friends to play with you in real life – especially if you can’t get them to down their phones in order to play real games.

The premise is simple and works similarly like Cards Against Humanity, with only as much offensiveness as your smartphone :

One player picks a card and gets to judge that round. They read the prompt to everyone else. Something like ‘Find the best #selfie’ or ‘Show the last photo you took’. Everyone finds something on their phones and shows the judge, who gets to choose a winner for that round. First to win 10 rounds is the overall winner.

Game of Phones is raising funds via Kickstarter. Donations of $25 gets you a deck of cards, and some time looking at the contents of your friends’ phones. What’s not to love?