G5’s Twin Moons Comes to Windows Phone

G5 Entertainment has announced the launch of its Twin Moons mystery adventure game on Windows Phone devices. The game was previously released on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire tablets, but now allows a new set of players to get in on the act of searching for items while helping a researcher named Jack recover from amnesia. Jack’s past becomes clearer (but perhaps more frightening) over time, and the game leads to one of two alternate endings for players.

In Twin Moons, players can choose from three difficulty levels. Players familiar with titles in the hidden object adventure genre may choose the challenge mode, which removes the visual markers for objectives on the map (among other challenges), while newcomers may opt for the casual mode, which includes those objective markers, faster hint recharges and more.Twin MoonsGamers start their adventure at the Twin Moons Institute, quickly learning that Jack took part in some kind of dangerous experiment dealing with immortality, and move on from there, using a map to keep track of their surroundings, on-screen prompts for navigating between environments, and so on.

As players investigate environments, they’ll collect key items that are used elsewhere in the game. Players will encounter 20 mini-games and puzzles as they progress through the story, including one that sees them regulating power to open a locked gate, or another that has them rearranging pipes to repair a fountain, as examples. Gamers will earn up to 18 achievements as they play through the game’s 51 locations.

Twin Moons is available to download via a free trial on the Windows Phone Store. From there, players can unlock the full game via an in-app purchase of $4.99.

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