Fur Flies Over DKNY Facebook Page

DKNY's Facebook wall continues to fill up with fur protest posts, and the fashion brand hasn't deleted any of them since they began Monday morning.

Either DKNY’s social media strategists have fallen asleep or they believe that even negative publicity benefits the brand.

Hundreds of protest posts continue to fill DKNY’s wall, all supporting an initial group of 13 posters who changed their Facebook profile photos to letters in order to vertically spell out “DK Bunny Butcher.”

The initial protest started Monday morning, orchestrated by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

It’s unclear whether the additional supporters that continued to post nine hours later all have PETA affiliation. However, just about every one of these postings has many likes and agreeing comments.

At some point the PETA folks appear to have inspired some of DKNY’s 200,0o0-plus fans to join the cause.

Since Mashable first pointed out the fur demonstration, it’s been on a trajectory to possibly gain more attention than any offline protest of this genre could ever get.

Indeed, PETA has previously held protests outside of Donna Karan’s offices, events she’s attended and retailers that sell her goods.

This time around the organization wanted to reach a wider audience and that seems to be working. Frankly, I hadn’t been aware that DKNY sold anything made out of fur, but now I know.

Much more amazing to me is the absence of any Facebook damage-control efforts by DKNY or parent company Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. Perhaps the lack of official response on Facebook has to do with the time difference between Donna and LVMH corporate headquarters in France.

At some point the need to do damage control goes beyond advertising and marketing, to become an investor relations issue. LVHM has stock that trades in Europe and internationally, and it looks like the share price suffered during the most recent trading session. Surely someone at headquarters will want to reverse this trend soon.

UPDATE: Since we published this story yesterday, DKNY appears to have cleaned up its Facebook wall. All of the protest posts have vanished and the page itself appears to have undergone a redesign.

Readers, what do you think about DKNY and LVHM’s lack of response to the protest?