FriendFeed Starts Sucking Up the Conversation

If you avoided the grid for the weekend you probably missed out on a conversation going on yesterday about the default users recommended when you start FriendFeed. Then today a new conversation began about how FriendFeed is sucking away the conversation from blogs. Allen Stern suggests that commenting traffic to a blog can generate upwards of $100,000.

Losing out on these comments is a big deal. It has gone so far as reducing some bloggers (like Jeremiah Owyang) overall output. While I agree that some of my comments are going to FriendFeed, most of the comments on FriendFeed are not from people that were already commenting on my blog. As long as the users on FriendFeed have to visit my blog, there’s no substantial problem.

There appears to be a larger problem at hand though: thought leaders are reaching their conversational threshold. I for instance have a number of conversations taking place on Plurk and FriendFeed. Add in Twitter and recently launched and you are facing a serious issue. We now need to choose where to have the conversation and with conversations happening all over the place it is simply no longer sustainable to talk everywhere.

FriendFeed clearly acts as a solution to the noise though and my guess is that we will begin to see much more activity taking place on the site. I for one have now begun to actively participate in the FriendFeed conversation. While the conversation may be shifting it is still hard to monitor all of it though. I am now using to post to all the sites I’m active on. This still doesn’t solve the problem of reading comments to my posts though.

FriendFeed actively imports comments from Twitter but they have yet to do the same for other sites. Once I can manage all the conversation in one place, my conversational overload will finally be solved. For now it looks like I’m just going to have to be part of the conversation in one more place. Have you noticed the conversation shift to FriendFeed? Are you having conversational overload?