FriendFeed Gives Us Another Reason to Procastinate More – Live Feed

Here are some more reason to slack on our day job, procastinate and enjoy what our Friendfeed friend’s are doing in real time. Friendfeed has just rolled out a new feature which gives us real-time view of our Friendfeed friends’ updates. Utilizing a technique that it calls “long polling” which practically eliminates to send a request for Friendfeed to update.

The new Friendfeed real-time view feeds your friend’s lists and rooms. And when updates are posted on your Friendfeed, you can post comments or uncomment posted comments as well. Even more cooler is the fact that you can pause update if you find them too fast when updating.

And to kick things off, Friendfeed has just featured the ongoing (or is it already finished?) final U.S. Presidential Debate. Actually this is probably the best use of this new Friendfeed feature- using it during live events. Something like a live blogging tool.

Another good thing about this new Feature is a facility to display the live update on a mini-Friendfeed window, so you can practically let it run in the background while doing more productive activities at home.

And yes, you can embed the real-time view/updates on your public room or even on your own blog or website.