Friday Morning Laughs – Otters, Muppets & Between Two Ferns

Happy Friday, folks! Not only is it the end of the workweek, but it’s also the beginning of a long weekend (woo!) and our Friday Morning Laughs are here to usher you in with a smile.

Happy Friday, folks!  Not only is it the end of the workweek, but it’s also the beginning of a long weekend (woo!) and we’re here to usher you in with a smile.  This week our Friday Morning Laughs includes an adorable kid playing with an otter, some hilarity from College Humor, Muppets, a funny dog, some Obama vids and the latest episode of Between Two Ferns.

Playing With An Otter

This is my favorite video of the week, hands down, and maybe my favorite video of the month too.  This is an amazing moment and this little kid is so lucky it was caught on tape so he can remember it forever!

Hardly Working | Start-up Guys

Meet the start-up guys.  They’re here to give your web strategy a major facelift and they are totally experts.  Trust me.

“Green With Envy” – Trailer

You may have already seen this next trailer.  Starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, this faux-romantic comedy is actually…a new Muppet movie in disguise!  It comes out this Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!  Can you?

Dog Pokes Tongue Out On Cue

This dog is a genius.  He sticks his tongue out on command.  All my dog can do is eat and sleep.  If you like this video, be sure to check out our list of 10 Surprising Pet Trick Videos.

President Obama In The UK

President Obama suffered a couple of embarrassments on his trip to the UK.  First his car got stuck at the US Embassy in Ireland and then the Queen gave him the cold shoulder, ignoring a toast that he proposed while they were playing ‘God Save The Queen.’  Check out both videos below.

BONUS: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Will Farrel

I have been waiting for this my whole life.  Hilarious.

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