Freeway Product Discovery App Gives You a Chance to Win Real Prizes

freeway 650

Product discovery platform Freeway has had a great first month on iOS devices, attracting users with the chance to win free real-world products via simple scratch games. The app was supported by 12 partners and $30,000 in products for its first month of launch, and users have played Freeway’s games over 1 million times in less than a month.

With Freeway, users receive 100 points each day when logging in. These points are used to play games for a chance to win free products. Users swipe through a selection of products, like earbuds, cameras, skin care products and more, and when they find something they’d like, they can spend some points to see if they’re an instant winner.

These games are scratch cards, so players simply swipe their finger across the screen to discover what’s underneath the original image. Even if they don’t win the product outright, some offer coupons for discounts on purchasing the items outside of the Freeway app. Or, gamers may win more points so they can keep playing games.

“We see ourselves as match makers, creating an environment that helps foster the initial connection between consumers and brands,” said Freeway’s Bryan Hawkins. “Our goal is to provide users with an entertaining means of discovering new products while also helping our partners break through the clutter and gain exposure.”

Freeway is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.