Launches Private Beta

Ad-sponsored digital-music-download service launched its private beta Tuesday with six sponsors: Coca-Cola, Warner Bros. Television (for The Vampire Diaries on The CW, Fringe on Fox and Web series The Lake),, Lionsgate’s Daybreakers (in theaters Jan. 8), LG mobile phones and Inconcert3D (Larger than Life in 3D, Featuring The Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper and The Relentless7). provides consumers with downloadable high-quality, iPod-compatible MP3 files in exchange for watching one video commercial per download on the site. Songs are advertiser-paid, free, legal and unrestricted (DRM-free). No software is required for the service. Users’ music selections and sponsoring brands are then promoted through an external consumer-informed digital-advertising network.

During the private beta period, the site is testing offers of 15-20 free downloads per month, or five per user session starting every New Music Tuesday. said it expects the public beta to launch sometime in January. Richard Nailling is its CEO and Brian McCourt is executive vice president of business development and affiliate relations.