Free Xbox Game Demo Offered On

Bliptv Pre-Roll is jumping on the interactive video ad bandwagon with a new pre-roll ad unit that lets viewers click to download free game demos to their Xbox consoles. As online video is becoming more popular and more advanced so are online video ads, and innovation and interactivity are becoming increasingly important. is joining a variety of other ad networks and companies, such as Innovid who we interviewed earlier this week, in making video pre-roll ads more interesting and more engaging. Find out more after the jump. posted a video demo of the new pre-roll on their blog. In the video,’s CEO, Mike Hudack, demos the site’s new campaign for EA’s NCAA 11 Xbox game. Hudack says, “We’ve targeted the campaign so that it’s shown to 18 to 34-year old males who own an Xbox 360 and are currently watching a video game-related show.” During the pre-roll ad for EA’s NCAA 11 game, a “Download A Demo” call to action appears within the video screen. Users can click to be directed to the Xbox Live Marketplace, where they can download a free demo of the game. Check out the pre-roll ad in the video below.

This new pre-roll development will be huge for’s ad partners, particularly those in the gaming industry. Allowing viewers to further engage with brands by interacting with pre-roll ads and clicking to download demos or find out more information is a fantastic way to get viewers excited about a brand or product. Hudack elaborates on the potential of this sort of free demo pre-roll campaign:

“With this campaign we found the right people based on demographics, and then we’ve narrowed that audience down further based on psychographics, focusing only on video gamers and sports enthusiasts who own Xbox 360s and are currently watching relevant programming. We’ve presented them with a potentially relevant ad, which has raised their awareness of the new NCAA 11 game, and allowed them to engage as deeply as they choose, all the way up to downloading and playing the game demo. And gamers that play the demo are much more likely to ultimately purchase the game.”

On their blog says, “It’s the first time anything like this has ever been done in an ad unit before.” Why are they doing this? To help their marketers and other stakeholders succeed, of course, because when’s marketers and stakeholders succeed the site succeeds. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more from in the interactive pre-roll business over the next months. What do you think of the site’s foray into interactive video advertising? What kind of innovation do you think we can expect from the site in the future?