Free People Proves that Apps Can Effectively Boost Sales Within First Week of Release

Free People’s first app is seeing some noteworthy sales – nearly 7-10% of the bohemian’s clothing store’s online purchases within the first week alone. The app has already been downloaded at least 24,000 times with as much as 100,000 user sessions. What’s more, Free People is reporting that its app sales are not replacing its mobile sales, which have surpassed the company’s forecast:

We were expecting our mobile [web] shoppers to migrate to the mobile app, and for sales on the mobile site to drop but sales held steady on the mobile site, and we got a 100% boost from the app. – Jed Paulson, Director of Marketing and Commerce

Currently, Free People is hoping to continue its good fortune by offering online exclusives in addition to free shipping on first orders.
Via Mashable