What If Opening A Heineken Could Get You Free Beer On Facebook?

Imagine what life would be like if every time you cracked open a Heineken you had the chance to win a free case of beer on Facebook.

Imagine what life would be like if every time you cracked open a Heineken you had the chance to win a free case of beer on Facebook.  A new student project proposes just that with ‘The Invite’, a fun new concept idea for Heineken—a social media-connected bottle opener that invites your friends over for a beer every time you open up a bottle.  And if you get enough friends to come over, you win a whole case of Heineken for next weekend!

According to the concept video for ‘Heineken – The Invite’, which was uploaded to Vimeo a couple of weeks ago and started taking off over the weekend, the campaign revolves around a social bottle opener.  Each time you open a bottle of Heineken, the bottle opener connects to your Facebook via Bluetooth and creates a “Heineken Party” event.  Get as many friends to RSVP “attending” as possible, because the person that gets the most people to attend their party gets a free case of Heineken for the weekend.  Pretty sweet, right?

All you Heineken lovers out there that are drooling right now, sorry to burst your bubble but the campaign isn’t real.  It’s just a student project, created by Max Arlestig and Maximimilan Gebhardt at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg.  But let’s, for a moment, suppose that this campaign was for real…

Sure, it would be awesome to win a case of free Heineken.  But would you really want your Facebook page to be updated every time you cracked open a Heineken?  And just because you felt the urge to drink a Heineken would you really want Facebook to automatically invite everyone in your area to come over to your house and drink with you?  Is it BYOB or does the entire neighborhood have to drink you out of house and home in order for you to win a measly case of beer?  I’m also not sure about the logistics of the Bluetooth bottle opener.

But despite the fact that it may not be all that realistic, I do think that ‘The Invite’ is a pretty awesome student project and a pretty nifty idea. Maybe this project will even inspire Heineken to start giving away free beers on Facebook…eh, Heineken,eh? What do you say?

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