Frank’s Favorite iPad Apps

A friend recently bought an iPad 2 and has asked me to recommend apps that he ought to install on his new toy. What apps one uses is really a matter of personal preference, and the good news is that because there are so many apps available for the iPad, chances are very good everyone is going to find the app they want. I thought that our readers might be interested to know what are my current favorite iPad apps, so here are a dozen, in no particular order.

  • Evernote is a multiplatform notetaking app that I use to electronically store almost every piece of information. It’s free and available on just about every device known to man
  • Read It Later is the app I use to store web content that I flag for reading when I don’t have time to read it when I first find the page. I think Read It Later does a nicer job of displaying content than Instapaper, which I also have used
  • Dropbox is a must-have online file storage app. Because the iPad has a limited amount of storage space, services like Dropbox are very useful. Another reason why Dropbox is useful is that other apps like GoodReader and DocsToGo, support it
  • GoodReader is the app that I use to read PDFs and other file content like Word Documents on my iPad. You can download files to the iPad so that they can be read offline, and you can highlight and annotate content in GoodReader, which stores those changes in the original file
  • MyPad is the only Facebook app available for the iPad. It may be an obvious choice given that it is the only one, but many people are comfortable with accessing Facebook using Safari. I think MyPad makes it easier interact with the information in Facebook
  • B&N Nook or Kindle apps for reading eBooks
  • OliveTree Bible Reader is $0.99 and you need to purchase bibles to read in the program. Just about every translation of the bible is available and it has great annotation capabilities.
  • DocsToGo has turned out to be my favorite app for reading and editing Office documents, which you can access via Dropbox. It also edits Google Documents.
  • Twitter has done some controversial things to third party app developers, so I know this may not be a popular choice, but I like the “official” Twitter app for the iPad
  • MLB At Bat 2011 which I use to watch my favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. The app costs $14.99 and you also need to purchase a MLB At Bat subscription to watch games on your iPad. Games in local markets are blacked out.
  • Angry Birds and it’s various incarnations is my favorite game on my mobile devices.
  • NASA HD I’ve been using this app to watch the final Space Shuttle launches, and anything else broadcasted on NASA TV. The app also has a wealth of information provided by NASA.