Foursquare and Several Tweets Ago …

Foursquare submitted iPhone application Foursquare 1.4 to the App Store for approval, but TechCrunch got to preview the social-networking-themed app and shared some of its observations.

Foursquare 1.4 allows users to see who is checked into any venue at any given time, and non-friends can be clicked on so that their profiles are loaded up and, if desired, friend requests can be sent, according to TechCrunch.

On those profile pages, the Twitter stream loads up instantly, while the Facebook profile will load with one click if the Facebook iPhone app is already installed.

Foursquare 1.4 also reveals the “mayor” of a particular venue, or the user who has checked in the most times in the past 60 days, and users can compete for mayorship.

TechCrunch also pointed out that clicking on the map in a venue’s Details section loads a larger Google Map than the iPhone Maps application, which can be manipulated the same way.

Finally, there is a “View tweets nearby” button on the Details page and, once the Twitter geolocation API goes live, tweets from people currently in and around that venue will be displayed.