Four Ways to Maximize Your Brand Presence on Instagram (Report)

These tips for Instagram success can be applied to any campaign

Each social network requires a nuanced approach to content production. It’s no longer as simple as posting video content to YouTube and links to Twitter—marketing on diverse channels requires platform-specific content, tailored to the target audience. A recent article from Venngage, an infographic wizard and template provider, offers tips for Instagram success that can be applied to any campaign.

  1. Be consistent: Consistency is a key aspect of of success on Instagram, and it can manifest in a number of ways. A unique and consistent image design can reinforce brand identity, define your posts and make them instantly recognizable within user feeds. All of these factors work together to improve brand recall.
  2. Stay on message: Don’t be pulled to and fro with social fads and trends; stay on message and avoid looking out-of-touch. Keeping a regular posting schedule and cross-posting Instagram content to other networks are also great ways to maintain the consistency necessary for long-term strategies.
  3. Use audience content: Audience engagement and interaction are among the biggest benefits of social media marketing. Brands should encourage followers to submit glamour shots of their products, participate in photo contests and use campaign hashtags. In most cases, there’s no such thing as bad engagement.
  4. Build influencer relationships: Another solid way to bolster your content and presence is to build relationships with influencers. A good strategy is to select influencers whose interests overlap with that of your followers, who are respected in their fields and who can fit into your brand’s’ visual style seamlessly.

Check out the post from Venngage for examples of these tips working for the tourism industry on Instagram.

Image courtesy of Venngage.

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