Four for Slide and the ABCs on This Week’s Top Gaining Facebook Games by Monthly Active Users

Gains are steady on this Monday’s AppData list of Facebook games gaining the most monthly active users (MAU). Many of the same names we saw last week remain in the upper rankings, with a slight bump in growth for every place except number one, which is once again held by Zynga’s FarmVille.

Despite FarmVille’s placing and the presence of Texas HoldEm Poker further down, another company has for once gotten more users overall than Zynga. This week it’s Slide, with four games spread across the list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon FarmVille 82,848,181 +1,722,395 +2.08
2. icon MindJolt Games 19,115,565 +1,314,904 +6.88
3. icon SPP Ranch! 2,421,486 +1,090,883 +45.05
4. icon SuperPoke! Pets 3,452,936 +1,083,085 +31.37
5. icon How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT 1,311,899 +1,037,264 +79.07
6. icon My City Life 3,550,633 +1,006,568 +28.35
7. icon Send Glitter! 1,348,798 +660,575 +48.98
8. icon Ninja Saga 3,638,138 +627,330 +17.24
9. icon Texas HoldEm Poker 26,883,830 +618,835 +2.30
10. icon SuperPocus 606,518 +606,518 +100.00
11. icon Roulette Madness 834,263 +464,171 +55.64
12. icon Okey Oyna 686,480 +463,109 +67.46
13. icon Happy Island 12,118,704 +412,245 +3.40
14. icon Capitales del mundo! 494,529 +402,649 +81.42
15. icon Poker Madness 773,315 +402,060 +51.99
16. icon Bejeweled Blitz 10,381,893 +382,988 +3.69
17. icon Bubble Island 647,058 +370,784 +57.30
18. icon Top Fish 1,345,653 +363,067 +26.98
19. icon Tiki Resort 786,098 +357,059 +45.42
20. icon 開心農場 2 1,260,922 +325,481 +25.81

Before anything by Slide, there’s MindJolt Games at number two. This app (a catalogue of games) had a reliable but static userbase of about 16 million MAU up until the second week of February. That’s when it began to grow again. It has since added over two and a half million new users, for a total a gain of 16 percent since February 9th. Its growth accelerated significantly this week.

Slide’s placements start at numbers three and four with SPP Ranch! and SuperPoke! Pets, and carry on with 10 and 18, which are held by SuperPocus and Top Fish. In total, the imaginary creatures of these games racked up 3,143,553 new players for Slide in a single week. But that doesn’t even come close to Slide FunSpace’s 8.7 million new players, which we cover today on Inside Facebook.

Next up is How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT, a “game” that takes the banal to the point of originality, if that’s possible. The aim it to type the ABCs as quickly as possible — and that’s it. Friends can compete with each other to be fastest, which is the source of the growth. Like several other simple apps we’ve seen recently, it has an internal link promoting RockYou’s Zoo World.

My City Life and Ninja Saga are both notable for being built by single-game independents. Aside from that they’re about as dissimilar as possible. My City Life is somewhere between FarmVille and SimCity, while Ninja Saga is an RPG that lets friends fight each other’s ninjas.