Forward-Thinkers Get Community – Future Blogger

future_bloggerWhat do you think the future holds? Will global warming do us all in? Will Tom Cruise make Scientology the religion of the world?

None of us have the answer. And that’s what makes Future Blogger so much darn fun.In public beta, the blogging community is dedicated to exploring the future and all of its glorious (or not so glorious) possibilities.

Anyone can submit their thoughts, predictions and scenarios about the future. A public voting system will determine the best content, potentially catapulting entries to the site’s homepage.

Future Blogger encourages written submissions, interviews, illustrations and polls.

The Website is owned by MemeBox, an outfit that also owns Future Scanner, an application that scans the Web for the best future-focused content. Organized by future year and category, the site is highly browsable. When a Future Blogger post receives enough votes, it will automatically be submitted to the Future Scanner, boosting its reach and social surface area.

An optional Facebook widget lets users display their blog posts, scans or favorite content.

Everyone has thoughts on the future. Why not share yours and get feedback from a like-minded community?

Will there be time machines?
Who will be the next American Idol?
Will blogs be as big as network TV?

I don’t have the answers. Do you?