Forrester: 70% of US Adults Read, Watch or Consume Social Content

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The team at Forrester Research has released updated data on “The Growth Of Social Technology Adoption.” The full report will cost you, however analyst Josh Bernoff shared some interesting tidbits on his blog:

Inactives — people untouched by social technologies — have shriveled from 44% down to 25% of the online population.

Spectators — those who read, watch, or consumer social content — have ballooned from 48% to 69%.

The Creators group grew only slightly, from 18% to 21%.

Social activity is way up among 35-to-44 year-olds, especially when it comes to joining social networks and reading and reacting to content. Even among 45-to-54 year-olds, 68% are now Spectators, 24% are Joiners, and only 28% are Inactives.

For an explanation of these groups, and to use the free social technology tool to get a gauge of your customers or target audience, click here.