Daniel Graf’s Departure from Twitter May Cause Dark Cloud of PR for CEO


Meet Daniel Graf.

The guy is kind of a big deal in the world tech. In this interview from Engadget last year, he was talking about his latest contribution to the Interweb and your phone — a little thing called Google Maps. In April, Daniel heard of this social media start up that was looking for a guy.

They call it Twitter.

From Google to Twitter, you would think he would happy at his gig. Yeah, he’s unemployed at the moment…by choice. What happened? Find out after the jump.

In a storyline tracked by Re/Code, Graf was off to some seemingly greener pastures at Twitter when he was hired as Veep of Consumer Product. It’s one of the best regarded companies in the world and a hope chest full of positive PR.

Only, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is known as a slight hothead who screams at microwaves to hurry up and cook his flippin’ food. Profits didn’t grow as fast as Richard would have liked, so after only six months on the job, Graf was demoted.

Executive changes at Twitter are commonplace with Costolo handling most of the shuffling. Costolo has replaced his CFO, fired his COO, and replaced VPs of media, engineering and product — all in the past six months.

So, Graf didn’t seem to have taken it that personally. This happened in October. Fast forward a little more than one year, and now Graf is gone all together.

Following this announcement, it looks like the home of the blue bird may have to deal a bunch of poop on its windshield. The PR cloud is looming — and darkening — over the head of Costolo. Look at all those executive changes lately, and then he really thought someone of Graf’s gusto would stay under those conditions?

If I ran PR for Twitter, I would have much more money. As I was spending it, I would take time to consider the image of the bird versus just its trajectory. Otherwise, positive PR may fly south for the winter.