Former Slide Employee Launches Analytics Package For App Developers

-Mixpanel Logo-Any developer knows that there are countless analytics packages to track their users but one new startup is looking to differentiate themselves with real-time analytics. The new product, mixpanel, provides real-time access to user activity with a heavy emphasis on tracking user actions throughout the funnel. Suhail Doshi, a former Slide employee, and his team are looking to generate revenue by charging relatively low fees for their analytics service.

Other companies like kontagent, are looking to provide similar offerings to developers, however they aren’t real-time and don’t have an emphasis on actionable events. One interesting aspect of the “funnel” analysis provided by mixpanel, is that none of it is focused on revenue actions. While the company may not be promoting their ability to assist with increasing revenue, by leveraging data properties, developers can quickly add revenue attributes that are then aggregated into custom reports.

The implementation of mixpanel is relatively straight-forward. Developers can use the javascript API to track any form of interaction that a user makes on their applications. In essence, it’s a fully customizable analytics platform that provides a real-time visual representation of any user activity that a developer wants to track. In contrast to Google Analytics which provides standard data (pageviews, unique visitors, etc), developers have total control of the information being tracked by mixpanel.

So why would any company want to take advantage of this new service if they’ve already built one in house? Honestly, many large developers wouldn’t but for those companies who are tight on resources, this tool gives developers access to some of the analytics services used by top application developers. If you are a developer and want to test out the mixpanel analytics package, head on over to the user demo area to try it out.

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