Former Facebook analytics manager Mohammad Sabah joins Identified

The man in charge of data science and analytics at Facebook has left the social network to take on a similar role and data and analytics company Identified.

Newly-minted Identified Chief Data Officer Mohammad Sabah will direct and develop the company’s patent-pending intelligence technology for recruiters, dubbed SYMAN, which culls unstructured data to create organized, searchable profiles. SYMAN was designed to spot professional data posted in virtually any social media platform. Competing technologies rely solely on user-generated information.

Sabah says there’s nothing else like it:

The work Identified has done on applying artificial intelligence to professional data with SYMAN is unrivaled. It is a unique and well-positioned technology that has clear competitive value. To be building on my data science work at Facebook, Netflix and Yahoo and applying it to professional data to solve the recruiting problem is an incredible opportunity.

During his tenure at Facebook, Sabah managed the team in charge of data strategy and analytics of timeline, privacy and profile completeness. Before that, the Virginia Tech and Stanford grad worked as a data scientist and engineer at Netflix, Fox Audience and Yahoo!, where he developed far-reaching machine learning algorithms that influenced, click prediction, keyword recommendation, behavioral targeting and personalization.

Sabah’s experience in data science has landed him speaking engagements at some major industry conferences, including the Hadoop Summit 2012 and the Big Data Innovation Summit, where he talked about large-scale data mining.

That experience will lend itself well to Identified’s mission, too, says co-CEO Adeyemi Ajao, who founded the company in 2010 to focus on professional information. He’s thrilled to have Sabah on board, he adds:

Mohammad is a rare individual in that he has deep experience in the very new field of data science and has worked for some of Silicon Valley’s greatest companies. We are thrilled that he is bringing his expertise to Identified and driving our SYMAN technology as we create an entirely new competitive model for this industry.

Image courtesy of Identified.