Forever 21 Thinks Rape Is Funny and Fashionable at Any Age

Many people approved this... APPROVED it.

Oh, kids these days. They are so fashion-forward and always pushing the envelope. If only these haute couture knuckleheads understood PR and public perception, shirts like this would never happen.

G’head. Read it. We’ll wait.

This men’s t-shirt (because, or course) has an emblazoned screened image that reads “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No.” Note that sexual assault on a college campus where t-shirts are relatively popular, is a serious issue. Yet here we have a rape-rationalizing slogan for all those drunken frat boys to enjoy.

And for $19.99 it could have been yours … but then, social media exploded on Forever 21 and someone got their head out of their asinine briefs long enough to figure it out. And it’s not like this was just a small oversight. The shirt was even being offered on Forever 21’s catalog online.

forever 21 rape shirt catalog


Following a few dozen people (hopefully) losing their jobs and all credibility in the industry, Forever 21 removed the rape-y graphic t-shirt from its website, and hoped the following statement would put a kibosh on the PR fail:

“Forever 21 strives to exemplify the highest ethical standards and takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the t-shirt in question, upon receiving feedback from our customers, we took immediate action to have it removed from our website. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by the product.”

Anyone buying that apology? No? OK, moving on.