Foreign and Connect Apps Shine on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

Gains are low on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users — likely a symptom of the holiday season, when Facebook users typically cut back on their social networking activities. The growth we can see is mainly in Connect apps and foreign-language titles.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain/a> Gain,%
1. CityVille13,897,851+223,175+2%
2. Tavla235,140+177,567+308%
3. Little War101,428+40,524+67%
4. Xbox LIVE182,374+38,726+27%
5. แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม615,272+36,453+6%
6. PlayStation®Network154,868+32,250+26%
7. MilMo30,568+28,256+1,222%
8. CSI: Crime City299,032+26,480+10%
9. Sanal Oyun47,190+26,034+123%
10. Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe ★★★★★★31,666+23,215+275%
11. 龍之契約18,192+16,084+763%
12. The Smurfs’ Village97,710+14,626+18%
13. GodsWar Online15,418+14,346+1,338%
14. 我的王國(My Kingdom)564,890+14,107+3%
15. 小小戰爭680,724+13,823+2%
16. 龍之刃19,411+13,684+239%
17. Okey807,705+12,604+2%
18. 彈彈堂 – Efunfun繁體版44,796+9,549+27%
19. 《三國風雲》制霸天下!三國爭雄!最夯的網頁遊戲!18,068+9,543+112%
20. Windows Phone176,483+9,453+6%

CityVille once again comes in at the top of the list, but with much smaller gains than in the previous two weeks. Although the game’s overall userbase is still growing rapidly, CityVille’s DAU actually appears to be falling at this point, a phenomenon we often see with as the initial wave of new users in a game subsides. Its stickiness, or percent of monthly active users coming back as DAU, is now down to 20 percent:

We won’t know CityVille’s true stickiness for a couple weeks more, as the holidays could be affecting its number of returning users.

Tavla, or backgammon in Turkish, is the first of the foreign-language games on the list, but there are 10 in all, mostly split between the three Turkish titles and the six in Chinese. แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม, at five, is the odd man out; it’s in Thai.

Xbox LIVE and PlayStation®Network are the aforementioned Connect apps, and judging from their growth, we might guess that game consoles were a popular Christmas gift this year. Over on Inside Facebook, we’re tracking a similar move in mobile Connect apps this morning, with thousands of new signups from iPhone, Blackberry and Android users.