Taps ad summos Audience-Optimization Solutions will use audience-optimization solutions from ad summos in an attempt to increase its CPM (cost per thousand homes) on non-guaranteed inventory under terms of a partnership agreement between the two parties.

ad summos was founded by three members of the senior-management team at behavioral-targeting outfit TACODA, which was acquired by Aol in 2007: CEO Curt Viebranz, president Daniel Jaye, and executive vice president of operations Matthew Goldstein.

Forbes Media CEO Mike Perlis said:

We obviously have done business with a number of networks and yield-management companies over the years, but ad summos’ offerings are unique in multiple ways. We know the management team and have seen the success they had helping publishers during their time at TACODA. Their approach is far more balanced than others we’ve seen, which is why we are working with them.

Viebranz added:

Forbes is one of the iconic brands on the Web, and we’re very proud to be working with them. The site is a perfect example of one that can benefit from our audience-targeting approach and our ability to create greater value for their inventory.