For Reputation Insurance, Bieber Will Still Take a Paternity Test

Mariah Yeater, the woman who accused Justin Bieber — of all people — of fathering her three-month-old son, has dropped her lawsuit. TMZ has already published damaging text messages that indicate Yeater may have been trying to delete correspondence that points the paternity finger at another guy. But the Biebs hasn’t dropped his intentions of taking a DNA test.

From the beginning, Bieber and his people (which includes publicist Matthew Hiltzik) denied that there was any truth to Yeater’s allegations and they planned to back it up with a paternity test. Now with the case terminated, it would seem Bieber has been vindicated. Even still, E! is reporting that Bieber plans on going ahead with the test.

“Despite the move, Bieber’s publicist told E! News today that the entertainer still plans to take a paternity test to put the matter to rest once and for all and hold ‘those involved with bringing this suit accountable for their actions,'” the story reads.

That’s going the extra mile. But it’s also very smart. Bieber’s bread and butter is still that inexplicably devoted teen girl audience and their moms. Maintaining a rock solid reputation is important for this fan base. Having hard proof that he is still a teenage dream is all for the best.
*Update: Bieber confirms that he did take the test, TMZ reports.