For Immediate Release Fridays


(Mating calls make hot ringtones)

This edition of For Immediate Release Fridays includes no product or food recalls at all, and no statements by Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. Check out wranglings over gun laws, CIA/FBI recruiting, a dropped suit over CEO impersonation, and a class action over ye old pump-n-dump:

The Investigative Project on Terrorism complains about FBI & CIA recruiting tactics

The American Hunters and Shooters Association today filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in support of last year’s ruling by the US Court of Appeals For The District of Columbia in Heller v. The District of Columbia (gun laws). What do they hunt in the District, donkeys or elephants?

American Tower drops lawsuit against private equity firm Keffi Group. The cell tower company originally accused a Keffi exec of sending negative news stories to its large investors while posing as AT’s CEO

SiRF, makers of GPS semiconductors and software slapped with class action suit for allegedly issuing false information during its Class Period, in turn pumping and dumping the stock.

We always like to end on a positive note. Last week Ice-T pimped some Tupperware, this week eNature offers to spice up your Valentine’s Day with hot mating call ring tones from various bugs, birds, monkeys and frogs.