For Immediate Release Fridays


This edition of For Immediate Release Fridays includes no meat or toy recalls, just a few bad items related to high fuel prices. Complaints about top Hillary Clinton strategist and Burson CEO Mark Penn may warrant another post:

EntreMed pharma (Nasdaq: ENMD) reprimanded by NASDAQ for dropping under $1 per share

Continental Airlines to charge $25 extra pieces of checked luggage, except for members of SkyTeam Elite, Elite Plus, Presidential Plus, oh nevermind

The Right to Bear Arms people are all up in arms over early prison release program

Despite a decrease of some costs of owning and maintaining a car, the cost to operate one jumped to 54.1 cents per mile

In better news, if you care about things like gem-encrusted Rubix cubes and other luxury object to die for, you may want to upload the new Universe of Luxury podcast on your diamond-encrusted iPhone.