Food Flack’s Inauguration Roll Call (Sushi That Is)

PRNewser checked in with a number of sources in DC to get a feel for Beltway PR heading in to Inauguration including Wendy Gordon, head of Flash Communications.

Gordon, a veteran restaurant publicist who founded her firm after working for the Ritz-Carlton company, has been pushing Asia Nine‘s poli-themed Maki for a couple of weeks with good results.

Diners from either party can enjoy a lean and green Obama Roll, Chesapeake crabmeat Biden Roll, or a Lame Duck Roll (no longer available as of Noon).

Gordon is simultaneously doing PR work for the Renaissance Mayflower hotel’s historic menu at their Cafe’ Promenade featuring favorite dishes from Bush 43, Herbert Hoover, LBJ, and FDR. The Mayflower, known as “D.C.’s Second Best Address” has hosted Inaugural Balls since the days of Calvin Coolidge and is also–ahem–famous for Room 871, the room where disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer trysted with Ashley Dupre.

[photo via Guy Flâneur’s Flickr]