Fonhandle: a Phone Attachment That Gives You a Handle on Your Phone

fonhandlePerhaps I am alone in this sentiment, but this Fonhandle resembles a fly swatter with a smart interface: the ergonomic grip, the long handle capable of great swinging, and of course, the solid square surface that’s able to capture a video of the deadly bug encounter.

On the other hand, or handle in this case, the need for some extra help handling an iPhone is precisely why Google Glass was invented, but even that came with its own weird factor. Imagine using this iPhone handle or a Google Glass? Which seems the least appealing? Why is there only one handle when you have two hands?

Fonhandle is inspired by hafting, the act of attaching artifacts to a handle which turns them into useful objects. Humans have used this method throughout history to turn rock, metal and bone into axes and hammers, then later on – simple lenses into magnifying glasses, and then – rubber nets into fly swatters. Now it is time to do the same with the most useful object of all – the smartphone.

The Fonhandle is a silly proposition at best, but it does bring attention to the best aspect of old landline phones – their ability to be nestled between your neck and ear, with just the smallest bit of discomfort. Design has come a long way, but for the most part, we’ve traded size and portability for this:


Of course, if you want to avoid holding your phone while making long telephone calls, try some old-fashioned headsets.