Following Wimbledon Using A Smartphone

Given that just about everyone and everything has a mobile app, from celebrities like Bill Cosby to events like The Masters golf tournament, it’s somewhat of a surprise that Wimbledon has chosen to not provide an official mobile app. Instead, you can follow The Championships by entering in a mobile web browser.

The home page of the mobile version of the web site displays featured articles, many of which refer to videos that you cannot play on a mobile device. You do have access to scores of matches in progress, the current day’s schedule, and the tournament draw. The menu option of the site provides access to scores of completed matches, news, and player photos.

If you search the iTunes App store or the Android Market you will find many third party apps dedicated to the tennis tournament. I decided to try the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis app on my Nexus S. The app is free and has advertising, but supports an in-app purchase to turn off the ads. I found the app provides more news than the mobile web site and is generally easier to use.

If you are a tennis fan and want to quickly check to see how your favorite player did at Wimbledon, you will likely find that simply accessing form a mobile browser to be sufficient. If you want to browse through more content about the tournament, I suggest checking out one of the third party apps like Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis.