Followformation Aids in the Olympian Task of Sorting Through Olympics Tweets

Twitter users looking to cut through the clutter while searching for tweets about the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Feb. 12-28, can turn to a hometown Website: Followformation, based in Vancouver and founded by 18-year-old entrepreneur Brian Wong and 20-year-old Sauder School of Business undergraduate Lucas Lemanowicz.

Users enter their Twitter login information and choose from the top tweeters in the following categories: Sponsors, Journalists, Olympians, Celebrities, Heads of State, Olympic Orgs, TV Stations, Venues, Vancouver, Bloggers, VANOC, Future Cities, Local Food, BC Politicians, Miss604, Nightlife, and Free Venues.

Wong said:

Followformation is a tool for Twitter users who want to follow the most influential people in the areas of their interest. With a few billion people expected to tune in to the 2010 Winter Games, a lot of people will be looking for the top Olympic tweeters.

The future of social media is more simplicity and more accessibility — not more complexity. Followformation’s mission is simple: We make following make sense.