Follow The Winter Olympics On Your Phone

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the Vancouver Winter Olympics begin today, with the opening ceremony tonight. For the next seventeen days thousands of athletes from around the world will be competing for olympic glory. If you want to catch up on the latest news from the Olympics while you are on the go, you can on your mobile phone. Here are a few applications that you can install to keep track of all that is happening in Vancouver.

Windows Mobile

Handmark Winter Sports Live is a free application for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile that tracks the Winter Olympics. It provides news feeds on the competition, pictures of the events, and some olympic history. You can also add your own RSS feeds, but that is a manual process. Winter Sports Live is available in device application stores and at Handmark’s web site.

Another Windows Mobile application is Vancouver 2010 WOW, which provides real-time news and medal counts from the Olympics. The application is written for WVGA devices and a portion of the bottom of the application is cut off on VGA devices.


If you have a phone running Google Android, search the Android Market for the following:

Vancouver Olympic Medal Count: This free application tracks the country medal count of the Winter Olympics.

Holland Heineken House: Heineken provides this free app featuring information about the Heineken House Vancouver for the Olympics games. Includes schedules of the Heineken House and the Sports events, with times shown in either Canadian or Netherland timezones. The application also Includes a map of Vancouver, for those who are in the city to catch the games in person.

Vancouver Olympics 2010 News: Another free application that has news feeds from the official Vancouver Olympics web site and NBC. It includes a widget for displaying news right on the home screen. You can filter news down to a specific sport, country, and athlete.


Apple iphone/iPod Touch owners can install the following applications:

NBC Olympics on AT&T: This is the official NBC Olympics mobile application, and it is available for free. The application provides news feeds, pictures, and video from NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. It also includes the ability to follow Twitter updates from selected athletes.

Vancouver 2010 Mobile Spectator Guide presented by Bell: Another free application that is less cluttered than the NBC application. It provides nice overview of the schedule of events, and you can drill down the schedule by sport and venue. The application also includes a news feed, twitter feed, and medal count.