Flurry: Phablet Usage Grew 148 Percent in 2014

Flurry's data compares the top mobile devices, as well as the content users consumed, in 2014.

Phablet Usage Growth 2014

Yahoo’s mobile analytics and ad platform Flurry has released new data, measuring the growth of phablet devices from January 2014 to January 2015. This category includes devices which are larger in size, falling somewhere between a medium-sized smartphone and full-sized tablet, and includes devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note. Flurry’s research showed phablets leads the charge in device usage growth, growing 148 percent year-over-year.

Usage of medium-sized phones, like the iPhone 5, grew only 38 percent in the same time period, while small tablets grew by 14 percent. Small phones and full-size tablets were on the decline for the year, with usage shrinking by 16 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Phablet Content Consumption 2014

When analyzing the kinds of content users consume on their phablets, when compared to other devices, it’s clear phablet users are focused on media and entertainment. Music, Media & Entertainment, Sports and News & Magazines were the top three growth categories on phablets between January 2014 and January 2015, with 158 percent growth in consumption of sports content alone during the period. That’s compared to just 30 percent growth in sports content consumption on all other device types.

Digging even deeper, Flurry notes that while this data might suggest phablets are growing at the expense of larger tablets, the “true victim,” it says, is the mobile Web. As phablets grew throughout 2014, the total time spent in apps compared to the mobile web has increased another two percent, to 88 percent of the total time spent on mobile in the U.S. That’s compared to 86 percent in April 2014, with Flurry’s data indicating this shift is predominantly attributed to the rise of these phablets.

Readers: Did you purchase a phablet last year, or do you prefer smaller smartphones and/or large tablets?