FlowPlay Introduces BetZone for Virtual Social Betting in Vegas World

BetZone 650 2Virtual world game developer FlowPlay has today announced the launch of BetZone, bringing sports betting and more to its social casino MMORPG Vegas World. The BetZone feature will give Vegas World players the ability to bet their virtual currency on sporting events like NFL and MLB games, as well as non-sports related events. During the first weekend of the BetZone beta launch in Vegas World, 35,000 bets were made and 20 billion coins were wagered within the game.

In addition to sports betting, BetZone will be updated going forward to support bets for political elections, lifestyle betting for elimination-style television programming and “other pop culture events.” One such bet is already available, and sees users betting on the topic of Scotland’s independence.

This BetZone is a multiplayer experience, as players can view the bets other players are placing, and wager up to 10 percent of their own coin bank on their own bets. This comes alongside the game’s existing social features, like real-time chat, virtual gift exchanges and more.BetZone_650The overall Vegas World platform is available on Facebook and browser, as well as on iOS and Android tablets. It offers multiple social casino games, including bingo, poker, slot machines and blackjack. FlowPlay prides itself on its games’ high monetization rates, which include an average revenue per daily active user of 44 cents.

“Incorporating sports betting into our social casino virtual environments was a natural progression for FlowPlay and Vegas World,” said Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay, in a company release. “FlowPlay brings a multiplayer environment and games mentality to this genre, and no one has ever approach it in this way. Betting virtual currency is just the first sports play for us, and we’re eager to bring more casual fantasy sports-related games unlike anything the industry has ever experienced.”

FlowPlay previously introduced its social casino development platform to help companies create and market their own branded, multiplayer social casino games. More information is available on the company’s website.