Flirt140: Find a Date on Twitter

I’ve always felt that the Web has opened up a million new channels to meet people. So why the heck is anyone single any more?

Capitalizing on the fast-growing success of Twitter is Flirt140, an app that lets you find love and dates 140 characters at a time.

After logging in with your Twitter credentials, you tell the system what gender you are looking to meet, what location you are searching in, and set a 5 to 1,000 mile radius. 9In our world 5 is too close, 1,000 is pretty desperate!)

The way you allow yourself to be found is by tagging yourself with descriptive words.

Flirt140 functions include sending private messages and “winking” at tweeters you are interested in. But be warned! The app will also show you who has viewed your profile.

Five random Twitter profiles are featured on the Flirt140 homepage, so registering can also result in additional followers.

I’m not on the market (like you’d be interested anyway!) but you can view my profile here.

There are certainly dumber ways to find your match! So consider us here at Rotorblog your personal matchmaker! If you find love on Flirt140 – let us know. We’re waiting for the wedding invitation to come in the mail.