Trade Your Profile Pic In For A Profile Vid With Flip Video

Flip Video is giving users a whole new way to express themselves on Facebook - with a profile video.

Flip Video Singapore has taken the profile picture to a whole new level. They’re giving users a whole new way to express themselves on Facebook – with a profile video. That’s right, Flip Video has just launched a brand new Flip Your Profile app that lets you post a personal video to your profile in place of your profile pic. Pictures are cool, but videos are so much cooler.

Flip Your Profile launched earlier this week. On the idea behind the new app is explained:

“Flip Video, the leading shoot and share HD camcorder in the United States, introduces profile videos on Facebook. The Flip Your Profile application lets users post Facebook profile videos that capture anything from a short personal greeting to elaborate, momentous video montage that transcend emotions. Flip Video acknowledges the growing demand for video communication and has fused an engaging video platform into the world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook.”

So how does it work? It looks pretty simple. All you have to do is choose your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Explorer), connect to the Flip Your Profile Facebook app and you’re ready to go. Then, shoot your profile video on your Flip Video camera and email it to

If you don’t have a Flip camera, that’s okay too. They’ll let you sample the app by uploading your own video file (up to 10MB) or shooting your profile video with your web cam. Of course, they don’t guarantee Flip video quality unless you create your profile video with a Flip camera.

I found it a little bit curious that Flip SG didn’t Flip their own fan page to show how the service looks in action. Their FAQ page says that they are indeed “running a limited beta program for fan page owners”, so it seems as though flipping their own fan page profile picture would have been a possibility and I’m not sure why they haven’t done it. That being said, it will certainly be interesting to see if this whole profile video thing takes off.

Do you think a profile video is a better way to express yourself than a traditional profile picture? Will you be flipping your profile?