Flip, Hover and Discover Great Photos and More at FlipGloss

Magazines is dead! Long live the magazines! A new photo-magazine style fashion site has been launched today. Dubbed FlipGloss, this fashion-inspired website features fashion, design, travel and other lifestyle photography culled from around the world. The site is updated daily and will surely be loved by photography enthusiasts whose calling fall under the said niche. FlipGloss offers photos, search and on-image interaction to users who can enjoy editorial photos in full screen. The site lets you find out more about new product releases and places to visit captured by the eagle eyes of people who took those photos.

What’s so interesting about Flip.com is its navigation which let you “flip, hover and discover” through images. You just need to click on the images to know more about product information, related recommendations as well as the shops where you can buy the products.

For content publishers, FlipGloss will take care of you. FlipGloss offers a suite of services which would let you showcase your content and advertising creative.

If you hated Project Runaway model search or the Devil Wears Prada, then this site is not for your. But if you have some sense of being a fashionista for a couple of minutes then you might want to flip, hover and eventually discover relevant and new things. {via}