FlashForward Offers a Glimpse into Your Future Through Facebook

ABC has come up with a clever way to use Facebook Connect to advertise its new television series, FlashForward. The new sci-fi drama takes photos and your friends’ names from your Facebook profile and turns this information into a mini movie intro — about your own future, the theme of the show.


The show centers around an apparently global event where everyone in the world blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, during which time each person caught a glimpse of his or her life 6 months into the future. In it, the world tries to piece together what everyone saw in the future, a “mosaic.” The Connect integration, called the FlashForward Experience, is a nice addition to the series premiere last week, which itself is getting a lot of praise on its Facebook page.

ABC is pushing it pretty aggressively across the Web with other campaigns. As with many other brand campaigns on Facebook, the FlashForward Experience is available both as a tab in the Facebook page and as a more complex, stand-alone web site, the Mosaic Collective.


This integration of personal information into a multimedia presentation is very similar to recent offering from Doritos and for Discovery’s Shark Week. Each instance gives users a way to become a part of the brand or event, and it seems that this sort of campaign is becoming more popular.