Flacks Give Hacks the CRAPPs in the U.K.

It’s that CRAPPy time of year again, when PR people and the media in the U.K. come together to honor the box-clever, the most PR-friendly newspaper, and the least “twattish” on Twitter.  Agency 10 Yetis came up with the CRAPP Awards (Communicative Relations Awards from PR Professionals) last year for no other reason we can see than to get a bit of attention.  Over 12,000 votes were cast last year.  Submitting your email address puts you in a drawing for 3G Amazon Kindle, but such a contest could be bent.

Get your vote on while there’s still time.  Categories include:

  • The journalist that makes you feel warm and furry on the inside (online and/or offline)
  • The ‘most likely to tell you to sling your hook’ award
  • Least twattish Twitterer – the must follow journo
  • Least twattish Twitterer – the must follow PR
  • Most approachable daily newspaper
  • Journalist you’d most like to bring to the dark side (employ as a PR)
  • The best PR blogger award

Not cricket or not, the CRAPP Awards are right royal with us.  Apologies for the use and abuse of British idioms used in this post.

[Via The Guardian’s mediamonkey]