Fizber Drive Score Reveals Convenient Driving Places Near Your Home

fizber_logoCongratulations! Your blog just became a better marketing tool to sell your home.

Researching neighborhoods is of paramount importance when you’re in the market for a new house. Many people stay put in an area that they are familiar with, but the majority of people end up moving at least 25 miles from their former home.Heck, I once moved 3 miles and it still seemed like a different world. You don’t think about pharmacies and supermarkets until you need them.

While many real estate agents and home owners might be able to shed some light on a property’s locale, there are two problems. One, they obviously want to make a sale and will censor accordingly. Two, you simply might have a different lifestyle and/or needs.

The For Sale By Owner folks at Fizber have released the Drive Score widget, adding to their arsenal of Web 2.0 tools. Now you can find the perfect neighborhood or just tout your property’s impressive rating as a selling tool.

All you need to do is enter a property address (just a town name works too) and an approximation of convenient driving places in your neighborhood will populate on a Google map. Transportation hubs, school locations, gyms, library, major retailers, etc.

For example, my current place in New York gets a 76 out of 100. meaning that it’s possible to get everywhere you need within 10-15 minutes by car.

On the other hand, a search of some random towns in Montana received results in the thirties and forties, revealing – no surprise – that only a few destinations are within easy driving range.

Oh, and I’m not sure if it was a connection problem (probably not), but Baghdad, Iraq ranked zero.

When using the widget you enter your property’s address and the pixel width you desire. The system generates a two-column widget featuring your home on a map and a listing of local establishments, their distance from the home and contact information. Just grab the snippet of code and paste it on your blog or Website. Now sellers and agents have another vehicle to promote properties across the Web.

Widgets sizes under 450 pixels result in a single-column layout.

For you programmers out there, a GoogleMap API Key will permit you to play around code.

While clearly not an exact science, even if you’re on foot, the Fizber Drive Score widget is an eye-opening tool that provides value to both the buyer and the seller.