Five Ways to Integrate A Celeb Into Your Holiday Promos

Regis has got his Advil.

Time to break out your favorite drinking vessel folks! Wine glasses, beer steins, or big wooden buckets. The holidays are upon us and there’s lots to do.

Brands have only just begun to beat us over the head with their cheerful messages and pitiable begging for a piece of our gift-buying budgets. One way they’re hoping to win us over is by enlisting a celebrity.

After the jump, we’ve got five ways that a celebrity can be integrated into your holiday marketing (if you haven’t done so already) from David Schwab, MD of Octagon First Call, which specializes in bringing celebs and marketing campaigns together.

Check it out after the jump.

1 – Use Santa Claus in (some of) your marketing efforts. Why? He’s free, loved, and has more recognition than any other celebrity out there. In the past year, Santa has been used by Coca Cola, Zappos, Best Buy, Honda and Sears.

2 – Celebrity usage around Black Friday works. While the day is competitive, business reporters and bloggers continue to write about marketing campaigns on this day. Do a simple Google search to see which writers wrote last year and follow up with them directly.

3 – Be first in your category to use a celebrity. Holiday marketing is cluttered, and being first is an asset that will push your brand to stand out. And don’t stop after your event day; ongoing engagement and conversation is critical to keep the momentum moving.

4 – Celebrities that can provide tips are well-received at this time of year. Consider people with an expertise in shopping, money saving, recipes, party planning, and entertainment. This content is compelling and makes for a mobile app or Facebook integration.

5 – There are new integrated opportunities (not just publicity-based) with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel, and entertainment shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. At the end of the year, these media outlets are also looking for a differentiator. You provide a celebrity, product and money; they provide interview, show assets, and access to their audience/database.

Happy Holidays!