Five Things We Learned About Marysol Patton on ‘The Real Housewives’

The premiere of The Real Housewives of Miami, which aired last night on Bravo, was an intro to the ladies we’ll be spending this season with, including the president of The Patton Group, Marysol Patton.

As a means of introduction, we have five tidbits of info that viewers learned about Marysol during last night’s episode. And above, a clip of the show featuring Marysol and her mom Elsa.

  1. Patton was born and raised in Miami.
  2. Her fiance Phillippe is a younger man.
  3. Her mom Elsa has “spiritual” abilities.
  4. She said she would never get her boobs done and, overall, she’s said she’s against plastic surgery (until it’s necessary).
  5. Last night, she told us she looks good in hats right before donning a big paper chef’s hat with the words ‘The Patton Group rocks” written across it.

Something else you may not have known – both Elsa and Marysol have been arrested for DUIs, according to numerous outlets, including The Miami New Times.