Have You Tried Shopping On YouTube? First YouTube Store Launched

UK’s world-renowned fashion retailer, The French Connection, is taking online shopping to a whole new level with the launch of a YouTube boutique. That’s right – The French Connection has launched an online YouTube store, in which viewers can watch fashion videos and click on annotations that lead directly to the French Connection online store where they can actually buy the items in the videos. This is innovating YouTube on so many levels – bringing e-commerce to the video site and providing annotations that actually lead outside of the YouTube site – and fashion divas and shopaholics are sure to fall in love with the whole thing.

The French Connection is calling their YouTube boutique, appropriately, their “YouTique”. In the YouTique you can watch fashion advice videos on all sorts of subjects from how to sparkle at a wedding to how to wow people at work, pack for a perfect weekend away, look elegant every evening and more. Each of the videos in the YouTique showcases items that are now available at the French Connection online shop and at the end of the clip, viewers have the option to click to buy. You can see what it looks like in the screenshot below. Notice the “+Buy” annotations on the video clip. Pretty slick, right?

In addition to incorporating annotations in the videos that lead to the online shop, there are also links in the sidebar of the YouTube channel that lead to the online shop. Viewers (or shoppers) can click to see more dresses, jackets, tops, skirts and knitwear. The links on the YouTube channel page lead straight to the FCUK online shop.

This is the first time a campaign like this has existed on YouTube. Generally annotations are only allowed to links within the YouTube site itself, but now that they have made an exception for the French Connection I will be interested to see how quickly other brands will jump on the YouTube e-commerce bandwagon.

Check out the video below of UK television personality and fashion writer Louise Roe talking about how the shop works. Do you think we will start seeing more shops pop up on YouTube?